Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shop


A newly started business will always find it difficult to draw customers regardless of its quality of service. This is mainly due to people are not aware that you are running a business, they don’t know about your service and since they will not come to get it. This is where marketing comes into play and makes your business visible to your customers. Referrals are the most important part of marketing and same goes for the auto repair shop. Words from your customers will let others know about your auto repair business. There are many established marketing ideas for auto repair shop. Some of those are listed below:

Email Newsletter

You cannot keep your business away from the world of internet. Your auto repair shop should have an online presence. There are many ways to do that, you can launch a website contain information about the auto repair service. You can also run some pages on social medias like Facebook and Twitter. Email marketing is an effective tool to keep your customers in touch. This technique of marketing sends email to customers from time to time to keep them posted about different aspects of your business. The expense behind this form of marketing is also minimum.

Thank your Customers

This may sound like a simple marketing strategy but it can be very effective. Being creative is the most important thing about marketing. You must make sure that your customers are in touch with your auto repair business updates. For example, if a customer receive service from your shop, you can send a thank you note after the service. Also you can send that note time to time to show your gratitude. This can be a great investment as the customers may find it quite a personal delight.

Make it Social

You have to share your business on the social medias in order to let others know about it. There are plenty of auto repair shops around you and it is very difficult to compete with those. You need to do something different to raise as a separate entity. Social medias are the just the right tools for you. You can let your customers know about your service and offers through socials networks like Facebook and Twitter. The more exposure your business gets, the more people will know about it and your business will grow.

Get Reviews

You should ask for reviews from your customers after the service. Many auto repair owners are too afraid to ask for a review. But you have to identity the problems in order to resolve those and getting reviews from customers is the best way to find out the problems with your service. Your auto repair shop’s website can have a review section where customers and leave their feedback, or you can also get review through social medias. You need people to talk about your business even if they are giving bad reviews. You can correct those mistakes and eventually get positives reviews from customers.



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